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---------------------Products in Alphabetical Order----------------------


1. webassets/ALBONJPG1.jpg ALBON (Sulfadimethoxine) - Discontinued. 
Albon is no longer available for General sale due to new Government regulations that require a prescription from a Vet for all sales of Albon.  
Your Vet should be able to provide you a prescription to allow you to acquire this product through a pet med pharmacy site. 

2. Bee Pollen 2oz. - $3

4. Char Shreds 1oz.-$3

5. Colostrum 7 grams (1/4 oz.) - $3.50

6. D's Glider Diet (Dry Ingredients and Protein for 60-80 Servings) - $12

For more info on D's Glider Diet & the Wet Ingredients/Produce that must be purchased from your local grocery store Click Here:  D's Glider Diet


7.  DYNE 2oz. - $4


8. Lifeline 3oz.- $15


9. Lifeline Wholesale 1lb..- $40


For LifeLine the following Minimums are recommended: For Maintenance/prevention 1/8 tsp 2-3x per week. To treat an illness 1/4 tsp 1-2x Daily is recommended. LifeLine can be fed alone as a powder or sprinkled over food. * For digestive difficulties including appetite loss- Add honey. * To treat rapid weight loss- Add Dyne * To treat dehydration - Add Water. There is no problem giving LifeLine every day, or giving more than 2x a day to treat an illness. There really is no maximum limit established for LifeLine.

Dyne on the other hand is not intended as an every day supplement. Dyne should be limited to treat ill, injured, growing, pregnant, lactating, nursing, &/or invalid animals and limited to no more than 1/4 tsp daily.

Dyne For Chinchillas: 
Weight Loss or Appetite Loss, offer 5 drops of Dyne w/Life Line, up to 3x per day. Add water if needed.

Dyne For Mamas who just delivered kits, Mix 1/8th tsp Dyne & ¼ tsp Life Line in 2 TBS. of water. Offer in a dish twice daily for 7-10 days. Most females will wean themselves from the formula. You can continue to offer Life Line everyday.

Hand Feeding Kits up to 1 week old, Add 1/8th tsp Dyne to 1 TBS of purified water heated to 100 degrees. (Add a pinch of Colostrum if possible). If your baby needs extra coaxing, you can add a bit of Mott’s Natural Unsweetened Apple Juice - It doesn’t contain any citric acid. Discard remaining mix after 48 hours.

Hand Feeding older kits: Mix 1/8th tsp Dyne, 1/4th tsp Life Line, & 2 TBS water. As baby ages, Try to encourage independent feeding, then wean onto a solid diet. A *Meal Replacement* is ideal for this transition onto solid pellets & Hay. 


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 Due to new Government regulations, I can longer ship to Mexico