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***Lifeline is Beneficial for ALL animals***


Sulfadimethoxine aka "ALBON" This product can be used with any animal to clear diarrhea. Chinchilla-specific instructions are as follows: Measure out 1/8 tsp. That will be all that is needed for one round of Albon. Feed a bit of that amount every day for 5 days - A heavier dose may be Given on Day #1, then single dose on Days 2-5. May be offered on a raisin, hidden in foods, or mixed with water. Discard any wet mix after 48 hours.


Lifeline will Speed Healing, Ease Stomach & GI pain, and Increase Appetite Lifeline attacks the CAUSE of the symptoms - Not just the symptoms alone. *Get it before you need it*


Lifeline Wholesale: Boost your immune system, and come back to an alkaline state. Allow the body more energy to heal.


COLOSTROM is a nutrient rich product that supplies immune system factor to the young to stimulate their immune systems and protect them from infections. May be fed in liquid or powder form. Suggesetions: Water, Lifeline, Honey, Dyne, etc. Does not require refrigeration.


CHAR-SHREDS: Please Read Carefully. A mix of shredded wheat, charcoal, & honey. Offer to animals with diarrhea &/or those that may have consumed something toxic. Charcoal absorbs everything in the digestive tract- that includes nutrients, so it should be used no more than 2 days consecutively with at least one day in between the next dose. On the day that you do use it, get in as much as possible.


100% Alfalfa Hay Cubes - Top of the Rockies *Feed store Fresh*



Purina Mazuri Chinchilla Pellets *Feed Store Fresh*



DYNE is a high calorie liquid diet giving maximum nutrietive value in a minimum of liquid volume, used to treat ill, injured, growing, pregnant, lactating, nursing, &/or invalid animals. Contains 50% Fat, 20% Carbohydrate, 3% Protein, plus Vitamins.


Bee Pollen Noticeably increases energy, enhances vitality, & rejuvenates the body from the inside out. Bee Pollen is a favorite among athletes for it's ability to sustain & enhance quality performance. Offer a pinch as a treat or supplement.


Dawnna's Glider Diet: Ensure your Glider's ability to Bloom to his Full Potential.



Colored Calcium Blocks DISCONTINUED